An appeal form Didi Project

Joyce Tapper and Heidi Feldman have just returned from a three-week trip to Nepal where they were able to work with our Nepal partner organizations on many good projects. Now the world is saddened to learn about the horrendous earthquake that has affected everyone in Nepal so profoundly. Thankfully, we know that all of our close friends and our daughter, Sabita, are safe, if miserable, with many sleeping outside in the rain due to the numerous and terrifying aftershocks. Many of their family members and surrounding villages have lost their homes.

In order to help victims of the earthquake, we are setting up an Emergency Fund for Friends of the Didi Project through our non-profit, the Didi Project, in partnership with the Ama Foundation in San Francisco. Our good friend, Bonnie Ellison, is in charge of Ama Ghar, the Ama Foundation’s wonderful children's home in the Kathmandu suburb of Godavari. Sabita and all the other 40 young people who live there are safe and the building is sound.

Bonnie has told us that they maintain a one-month basic food supply for residents and staff but their many neighbors do not. Nor do most of the people in other villages nearby. We have been Ama Ghar sponsors for many years and value their excellent judgment. We feel that the best way to help is to give to Ama Ghar who will see that the funds we send them are immediately used to provide needy villagers in Godavari and the surrounding area with whatever they need most.

Please visit the Ama Ghar Facebook page to see just how they are helping in so many useful ways, with medical supplies, tarps and tents, food and water. Most important of all, they provide emotional support to people who have not seen any official help since the earthquake happened.

Through the non-profit ETC, Educate the Children, we have also been supporting a women's group of "untouchable" Dalits in their village of Hariyali, helping them for many years to become empowered and educated. Joyce and Heidi visited them in March and admired their progress. Now they have to rebuild their lives. In partnership with the Ama Ghar Foundation the Didi Project Emergency Fund, will help them and others in this region.


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