In Memory of Nancy Hill

Nancy HillWe are very sad about the recent passing of our dear friend and supporter Nancy Hill. Nancy was deeply involved with the Didi Project from the start. We all met when she joined our women's trek to Nepal organized by Joyce Tapper in the year 2000, mostly to pursue her lifelong passion for photography. Her kindness was very evident right away when she motivated all of us to donate clothing and shoes to a group of itinerant farm children. The photos she brought back from this trip were moving images of village life and the beautiful environment of this country which became a big part of our lives.

Nancy's very spontaneous act of helping the group of needy children led to many still ongoing activities in Nepal, always with her support. Nancy Hill We adopted our daughter, one of the little children we helped during our trek, and brought her to school in Kathmandu. She has grown up to be a capable and confident young adult, now 19 years old, who wants to dedicate her own life to helping her country. Nancy nurtured her from afar with loving emails and also contributed to her education financially. Our daughter is very saddened by Nancy's passing and is lighting butter lamps at a stupa this week in her memory.

When we later founded the Didi Project, Nancy was again very supportive, generously offering her wisdom and advice as we embarked on this new adventure of supporting girls and women in Nepal.

We are very thankful for a last act of generosity in Nancy's name. Her family is asking that any donations in her memory be made to the Didi Project. Rest peacefully, dear Friend, and know that you were loved and appreciated by all of us, near and far.

Nancy Hill