Our Program is off and Running

Our program to use a book to change many girls' lives is well under way.

  • SOLD was written after Patricia McCormick spent time in Nepal and India where she became increasingly aware of how young Nepali girls are sold by poor families and taken from their Himalayan villages to the red light district of Calcutta. Appalled by what she witnessed Patricia felt an urgency to make the plight of these trafficked young victims known to the outside world. Watch Interview with SOLD author Patricia McCormick

  • At this time, we have retail distribution and promotion by Educational Book House in Kathmandu to dozens of booksellers countrywide, and to hundreds of community and school libraries in villages and towns throughout Nepal's 75 districts, including libraries connected to our partners Room to Read and READ Nepal, and counting!

  • On Radio Nepal, Bijay Poudel presented a dramatic reading of BECHIYEKI in Nepali, as part of the Legal Aid Consultancy Center (LACC) women's rights program called 'Wakalat'. This 40-installment series was broadcast to 31 of the 75 districts of Nepal. We received many letters from enthusiastic listeners. Our goal is to repeat this effective airing of the book.

  • The Didi Project unveiled BECHIYEKI at a recent book exhibition in Kathmandu. The book is now on sale for Nrs. 300 ($4.28) wherever Nepali language books are sold. The retail price will hopefully be lower with our next printing.

Community Educator Training in Nuwakot / Spring 2012

Leslie Brown designed and implemented the program to train women in rural areas

Here is an excerpt of Leslie's account about the three-day training she held with Helen Gurung, our project manager in Nepal:
"I was privileged to be in Nepal this spring promoting the Didi Project's anti-trafficking campaign using the book SOLD to educate communities about the sale of women and children into slavery.

"I stayed in a village in the Nuwakot District with a local family and taught 30 village women to be Community Educators, so they could then teach their own neighbors and families how human trafficking steals the lives of their children and what they can do to stop it.

"I have seen the impact the book SOLD, translated by the Didi Project into Nepali, has had on village women as we talked about what girls face when they are trafficked into slavery. Some read and others listened to the powerful story of Lakshmi, a 13-year-old taken to a Calcutta brothel.

"These women were also learning for the first time about their human rights, what gender equality is and what kind of future their daughters can have attending school through the tenth grade instead of being sold."

Community Educators Workshops in Kavre
Three days Community Educators Workshops in Kavre, Dhulikhel, November 2012, to empower local women to established groups of people in their own village areas to share information with them about: sexual trafficking, organ trafficking, human rights, and gender equality.

School and Vocational Scholarships

A number of very deserving and needy young students as well as older vocational students are now studying in private schools sponsored by the Didi Project. We know these students well and follow their progress with great interest on annual visits. Our students often become an integral part of the Didi Project family. They help us with our work each fall and keep in touch via email during the year.

Trekking with a Purpose

Trek with Purpose

Each year friends and colleagues join us in Nepal for a cultural and scenic trek of several weeks. We encourage our guests to "go to work" with us. We share Nepal's wonders often in the homes and schools of local friends. Trips are very personal and usually include some hiking and visits to out-of-the-way places by hired cars with drivers or by plane. We arrange the program, in part, according to the preferences of our visitors. Consider joining us this year!

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