SOLD - a Book by Patricia McCormick Published data varies but the numbers begin at about 7,000 with some studies estimating as many as 20,000 new victims trafficked in Nepal each year. Some go to brothels and the streets of Nepal's cities, others to truck stops, and thousands more to the prison-like caged brothels of India. This continues to occur even though laws, some authorities, and hundreds of NGOs (non-profit organizations) in Nepal and India are working against it. The Didi Project's goal is to help prevent the trafficking of young Nepali girls and develop methods to inform families and the general populace of the horrors that young girls face as victims of this vicious practice. The story of the young heroine of Sold/Bechiyeki, Lakshmi, is synonymous with the movement to end child trafficking in Nepal. We aim to bring her devastating experience to the attention of increasing numbers of people so that families and whole villages will want to end child selling forever.

Donations from friends of the Didi Project and contributions from YOU have made it possible to accomplish all that we have done so far. We welcome continuing support for this important work and are applying to various granting organizations for funds to continue and expand our efforts with this project.

    Future Plans

    Bechiyeki - a Book by Patricia McCormickWith the help of prominent Kathmandu advisors, plans are in the works for Sold (Bechiyeki) and include:

    • Training of discussion leaders and provisions for them to inform librarians, teachers, and community leaders how best to promote Bechiyeki.

    • A pilot discussion group methods program to develop a model featuring Bechiyeki in women's groups in two areas of the country and in listener groups in hundreds of schools and villages throughout Nepal.

    • A survey of girls and women who have been rescued and have returned home to determine what might have enabled them to question the authority of those who sold them or to have sought help from someone they trusted so that they would not have gone with a stranger to be victimized.

    • Promoting involvement in the Didi Project to other charitable women's rights groups in Nepal, the U.S.A, and other Western countries.

    • Development and utilization of street theatre programs to inform villagers of the message of Bechiyeki.

SOLD Book Selling "The Didi Project featured the newly translated book "Bechiyeki" at the recent book exhibition in Bhrikuti Mandap. The book is now on sale and being read in a growing number of locations in Nepal."